Ioannis Antonakopoulos
civil engineer

He graduated from the Civil Engineering School of the University of Patra in 1995 and received a MSc in Finance and Banking from Athens University of Economics and Bussiness in 2019.

Since 1997 he worked at several construction companies where he was in charge of construction and held a key position in design and supervision of buildings.

On 2001 he created a technical-construction company A-PLAN. The company specializes in the development of land, design and construction of buildings. He has taken part in seminars for project management, business collaboration and energy system construction.

He has received MEK G degree in buildings and he has been assigned as an energy supervisor.

Elena Stavraki

She graduated from the Architecture School of the University of Patra in 2004.

On 2004, worked at Divercity architects, where she was in charge of design projects from the primary stages till the completion, such as hotels and residences.

On 2008, she worked as a freelancer architect, where she brought off design projects, such as houses and residential buildings. Since 2009, she is a partner at A-PLAN; in charge of the architectural design issues and implementation of projects.

She has participated in architectural exhibitions and competitions (one honorable mention-2004, one 1st prize-2005, one distinction-2012).