Apartment Building K8

In the edge of city plan and across the airport is located the four-storey apartment building, which consists 12 apartments. The building is located diagonal in the site and takes up the maximum horizontal space, orientating the largest surface to the view of airport and suburban railway. The form is created by horizontal lines which are limited from two vertical elements. The linear system is moving into two vertical levels and is crossing with elements creating privacy for residences. The smallest facades consist of a solid vertical wall in order to feature the direction of the building.

As an important choice, due to the location of the site, can be considered the structural materials. The main view, arises from the horizontal linear system implemented from the glass surfaces. This invisible limit, almost insubstantial, emphasizes the view to the airport and related area. In contract, the back-façade alternates with the city and is implemented from the use of solid materials with smallest surface. This building obfuscates the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, city area and country side.

The intention is, through the residences to achieve the exchange between the view and the interior space. The bedrooms and the bathrooms, viewing the city, while the master rooms are located in the central view, implemented large gaps.




Koropi, Attiki